Our Solutions

Survey Design

An off-the-shelf Feedback Management solution.


Intelligent and personalised video.


Engaging video that increases productivity.

Payment Reminder

The digital cross-channel solution for Customer Risk Management.

Card Protect

A real-time, anti-fraud solution.


Legally binding electronic signatures.
A tailor-made service

Every Opportunity employee is at your service to help you in your projects with our simple, interactive and digital turnkey solutions designed to improve the experience of your customers as they interact with your brand, by whatever methods used.

Retain your customers, reduce risk and expand your business in a sustainable way !

Why should you choose Opportunity ?

Opportunity is an innovative and dedicated solutions provider whose teams are experts in customer relations, marketing, debt recovery and call centre operation. We offer customised support and turnkey solutions in France and abroad, whatever your sector (Telecom, Energy, Banking, Retail, etc).

Opportunity is 100% committed to fully automating the customer experience, offering simple, personalised, interactive solutions and developing strategies and relevant media, with the aim of permanently improving the experience your customers have as they interact with your brand. You will become more responsive and your customers will be more proactive in their relationship with you.

These contact strategies allow you to respond to your business issues by eliminating the “pain points” in your customers’ transactions, keeping your customers happy and significantly reducing your costs.

Opportunity is ideally positioned to be your partner in this enterprise by offering advice, support and project management assistance to help your business go “full-digital”. Retain your customers, reduce risk and expand your business in a sustainable way !

Our five advantages

Our customer relations experts

Opportunity has set up a Customer Experience Department to enable us to respond more effectively to your problems and optimise your sales transactions.

A tailor-made solution

Our Project Leaders will support you personally, from the briefing stage to the optimisation of the contact strategies you have put in place with their help.

Fully digital strategies

Our multi-channel and customisation digital solutions provide your customers with a unique and innovative path to purchase.

100% autonomy

Using the Opportunity portal, you can manage your projects and follow-up your campaigns completely in-house.

An optimized ROI

Our solutions allow you to reduce your costs while increasing your operational capacities.

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Opportunity wishes you a great summer!

On Thursday, July 6, the entire Opportunity team was gathered for its summer seminar. For 11 years, all Opportunity employees have accompanied 120 brands in an innovative and tailor-made way; in the Banking, Insurance, Telephony, Energy, Retail … universes in France and abroad. Our DNA is based on the desire to provide you with simple,…

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This is the comeback for Opportunity ! The entire team is present to continue sharing, exchanging and innovating together! Opportunity is an innovative and committed actor whose expert teams in Customer Relations, Marketing, Recovery and Call Centers, offer tailor-made support and turnkey solutions in France and abroad, whatever the area of ​​the activity. Opportunity is…

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