Our values ​​and philosophy are a reflection of the socially and environmentally responsible company that we are. OPPORTUNITY’s strength is based on the values ​​that influence every one of our decisions because technical expertise is useless without people skills.

We are committed to respecting 7 Fundamental Principles:

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    Opportunity’s expertise is based on the skill of its employees and the technical decision-making tools that help us guarantee a high level of performance.

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    We have built up a close professional relationship with our customers through our personalised support, and keep in frequent contact.

    The same is true of our partners by prioritising the human aspect of the relationship,

    and with our employees by building a relationship based on trust and a strong team spirit.

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    The principle of simplicity as a guarantee of efficiency applies at two levels:

    – the control interface: should be easy to use and ergonomic.

    – at an organisational level: The chain of command should be short, decision-making rapid, backed up by an accessible and responsive management team.

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    By constantly keeping a watchful eye on the market we can anticipate customer demand. We constantly strive to improve our existing contact solutions while developing new ones that protect the brand image of our customers and help them stay profitable. Our market knowledge also relies on activities that contribute to improving our performance: clubs, meetings, sharing experiences, bench-marking etc.

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    Each Opportunity employee are given a personalised training plan during their annual appraisal, which is aimed at developing both their technical and people skills. Diversity, which is a great resource for our company, is achieved by taking on staff with from a wide range of different backgrounds and cultures, but also by the careful integration of employees within the various teams themselves.

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    We are committed to a policy of continual improvement in order to adapt our processes and infrastructures to meet the expectations, and to take into account the constraints, of our customers. Our dedicated staff is able to quickly turn ideas into reality, and can handle the specifics or development needs of our customers efficiently, with the help of latest-generation tools and media.

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    This is one of the key values ​​of our organisation and culture that we apply in all our dealings with customers, partners and employees. Our employees do their work without conflicts of interest and with the satisfaction of knowing they are acting in an ethical manner.