Multi-channel delivery capability

Voice messages

Our ACD (Automated Call Distributor) covers all French fixed and mobile operators (DOM/TOM included) and European operators, and can handle a volume of up to 700,000 calls per hour.


There is a total capacity of about 700,000 SMS per hour (using SMPP with GSM 7 bit encoding) on ​​all French and international mobile networks.


Our SMTP mail servers are certified to ensure the secure email delivery (SPF Sender Policy Framework, DMK encryption and authentication, DMARC: Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance.) These have been designed to send up to 500,000 mails per hour (using SMTP).

Push notification

Opportunity’s current capacity is 50,000 notifications per hour (using HTTPS) for each platform (Apple iPhone/Google/Android/Microsoft Windows Phone).


Our solution is capable of sending up to 15,000 faxes per hour (using SFTP). The T2/E1 lines used for voice data are shared with the T2/E1 for voice.

Personalised video

More than 20,000 videos can be watched simultaneously (as of 28/06/2017).


Although all the components of our infrastructure belong to Opportunity, we have chosen to entrust an external service provider to host it in two secure data centres.

These two sites and our organisation meet the requirements of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

The data is synchronised in real time between the two sites in order to guarantee an optimal quality of service, 24/7.

Both data centres have connections to all European network operators and have obtained certifications guaranteeing their professional status.

Data Integration

  • File Transfer Mode

    Communication request files, also called targeting files, are used to transmit all the data and parameters required for multi-channel, bulk messaging.

  • API mode

    This mode makes it possible to send out messages in real-time via a Web service interface. SOAP or WFC.

  • Manual send mode via a web portal

    This mode is mainly intended to handle single messages or for smaller volumes. Mailing strategies can use one or more channels with simple streaming rules.

  • SMTP (Email) send mode

    This mode is used for sending and receiving single faxes and text messages.

  • HMI https access

    In order to protect the integrity of your data, we recommend that you set up a WEB Service link (Internet link) with HMI http access. We use the SSH protocol for all these connections.

  • SFTP

    The portal can also be populated with data using SFTP, CFT (Cross File Transfer) or by manually uploading files.

An information portal

  • Reporting makes it possible to analyse any of your campaigns in progress or completed by means of a fully CUSTOMIZABLE console.
  • Indicators to measure the technical and operational feedback from campaigns.
  • Tools to alert you to any campaign that seems to be missing its targets. The customised alert procedure is triggered if the messages are disrupted or if there is a drop in the value of the indicators (alerts sent by email or SMS).
  • For invoicing and monitoring the alerts from campaigns in progress. They are segmented by sector and profession with access parameters set according to user profiles.
  • Access to documentation & the library.

Options portail


All our interfaces are accessible through a secure HMI (Login name + password). Access can be by domain or user. An Administrator console groups together all the different information and message batches.


Data can be uploaded directly via the console in manual mode, semi-automatically (by SFTP or email) or in a more integrated way by means of a Web Service + VPN.


Each script contains a list of messages organised in a tree structure. With the Opportunity service you can also load customised scripts.

Archiving/Authoring/Modifying/Editing Messages

All the messages in a particular script can be modified.


Messages can be sent out by batch and according to a timetable. All of your message batches can be configured to be sent out immediately or at a later time, either at a random or scheduled rate.


The Opportunity platform has an extensive choice of display modes: Hidden (for VMS only), by alternating region number, by alphanumeric sender name etc.


This option relies on data obtained by DATA MINING to get the best results from your campaigns.


Your campaigns are completely under your control: they can be stopped, paused or sent out at a faster frequency.


The Opportunity platform also includes integrated QS (Quality of Service) indicators that measure delivery times, waiting times before call pickup, if this is required.


Each transaction is reported instantly using customised reporting tools.


As part of this project, Opportunity suggests the integration of a Blacklisting database for the usual keywords: STOP, CONTACT, HELP. This database can be populated by the client (via their console or by means of a DNC file) or by a trusted third-party (Send STOP).


Opportunity can add anti-duplication functionality to your system.


All our services include integrated VMS-SMS-EMAIL and MMS media functionality, separately or in combination by cascading. All these different media together help to fulfil the aim of guaranteed “replies”. The console also gives you the ability to make voice recordings of your written text.


This function makes it possible, depending on the response rates achieved, to trigger a resend function, using a different medium.


The Opportunity interface makes it possible for you to keep track of your budgets online.


The Logbook is a feature for recording all changes made to your console.


Our interface includes the ability to search by reference no., i.e. by standardising addresses.


Through your console you can manage all the various sectors that make up your business. And you can also manage all the different login details from the console.

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