Globes de cristal

For the past two years, Opportunity has been a partner of the Globe de cristal, an event that promotes and awards art and culture.

Literary Sponsorship

With diversity at the heart our business, in 2013 Opportunity gave support to a young author Myriam Beladhj to help publish her book “Demain c’est leur tour, les aventuriers des temps modernes.” (“Tomorrow is their turn, the adventurers of modern times).


A summary: “The adventure was long and delightful! If I have chosen to tell the story of these individuals, to put them into my photos, it is simply to act as a messenger and to tell the world that they exist. Life is not worth living if you don’t engage with people. Throughout my work as a photographer, and in a very personal way, I was lucky enough to meet on my way so many beautiful people who were, for me, real sources of inspiration at important crossroads in my life.

I have also lived through periods of doubt, obstacles have blocked my way, I have lost my equilibrium… These are the people you need when you become an adult: mentors, godparents, godchildren, old folk, young folk, with or without experience, interlinked portraits, travelling on different paths, with very diverse origins, with similar or complementary ideas – all of this within a culture of sharing and with a large dose of simplicity and humanity.

I wanted to turn a spotlight onto those who work, often in complete anonymity, every day of their lives in order to pass on the torch and prepare for the succession of those that we will be counting on tomorrow, because it is their turn! Now, through my book, I wanted to share this journey.”


You can find “Demain c’est leur tour !” in the following bookshops



Humanitarian Aid Associations

In 2014 and 2015, Opportunity supported an association of dental surgeons working in Africa (Burkina Faso) helping to bring a smile to the most disadvantaged.

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