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Since 2005, the links between the company and sport have never been broken. The two worlds of sport and business have come together on many occasions to share a common goal.

Continuing the connection between our company and sport, Opportunity is committed to supporting well-known athletes or sports associations which promote values ​​such as commitment, tenacity, collective effort, and personal excellence.

Today, we support the development and practise of three sports: rugby, athletics, and football.

Figure skating

In 2015, Opportunity made a commitment to supporting Anais Ventard, so that she can take part in the next Olympic Games !

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The Bondues football club (59)

For nearly 4 years, Opportunity has been sponsoring FC Bondues and is actively involved in supplying its young members with a range of sporting equipment.

From childhood, sporting activity contributes to the development of a strong identity and self-image, particularly by encouraging independence and assertiveness. Through sport, a child explores their body, becomes aware of their limitations, their talents, and gets to know themselves more intimately. Many excellent values ​​that Opportunity supports.

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Fundraising and the Paris - Versailles Marathon

“Sport will seek out fear in order to defeat it, fatigue in order to triumph over it, difficulty in order to overcome it.” Pierre de Coubertin

For many years, Opportunity has supported the sporting activities of its employees and customers to promote strong shared values.

The Versailles Half-Marathon 2013 Photo 4761 [The Opportunity and Vocalcom combined team]

The Versailles Half-Marathon 2012 Photo 15 Final [The Opportunity Team]

20 km from Paris [Léo Lapousterle]

Le Mans 24 Hour Roller Skating Event 2015

Eager to support an event that promotes the value ​​of the preservation of natural resources, in 2014 and 2013 Opportunity sponsored a team competing in the Le Mans 24 Hour Roller Skating Event.

For this second session, in which we were represented by one of our employees, Opportunity lent its support to the fighting spirit, pure speed and teamwork.




For the past 10 years, Opportunity has organised an event around the TOP14 final.

Rugby: often called “the school of life “, and this has even become one of the slogans of the French Rugby Federation.

This sport embodies a lot of the values ​​that we share on a daily basis with our teams, partners and customers: Fun – Respect – Rigour – Sharing – Solidarity – Responsibility – Safety – Camaraderie – Conviviality and Cooperation.

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