Finding New Customers

Finding new customers is always the main challenge for any business.

To secure the future of your business it is necessarily to throw yourself wholeheartedly into the acquisition of new customers. It’s a challenge that must be met. Once the new market niches have been identified, each advertiser sets medium to long-term objectives that will then require you to start a project to attract new customers.

Customer experience

How can you optimise the various points of contact with your customers

Delivering a good customer experience must be at the heart of a company’s marketing and sales strategy. This has become a strategic issue essential to expanding a company’s market share, to attract new customers and to retain them. Simply responding to customer requests is no longer enough. Brands must offer their contacts a proactive and interactive Customer Experience.

Alerts and Administration

A contract never completed is a contract lost.

Automated systems for alerts and administrative management are simple and inexpensive to implement. Your customers need to be given information that is relevant to them, in real time. Save your precious resources to concentrate on higher value-added activities.

Customer satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction in order to increase customer loyalty

Listening to what your customers have to say and measuring and understanding the reasons for customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your channels or brand is essential to help you improve your path to purchase, increase customer loyalty and win market share through a high number of personal recommendations.

Risk and Debt Recovery

Self-resolution solutions for Customer Risk Management

Reducing the volume of unpaid bills and minimising risk is an important issue for the economic well-being of your business. It is essential to detect any delay in payment quickly and to use interactive systems to quickly and amicably put your customers back in the black. Minimising risk, reducing average payment time, optimising processes and promoting self-resolution, are all things that make a lot of sense at Opportunity.

Customer loyalty and retention

Engage your customers in a sustainable way

Retaining the loyalty of an existing customer makes it possible to concentrate on winning new customers, which is on average six to seven times more expensive than actions aimed at retaining customer loyalty. It is therefore essential to offer a unique, proactive and high quality service.