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A contract never completed is a contract lost.

The contract is the essential requirement, the sine qua non, of any commercial transaction

Automated systems for alerts and administrative management are simple and inexpensive to implement. Your customers need to be given information that is relevant to them, in real time. Save your precious resources to concentrate on higher value-added activities.

To gather all the information that is required for a contract as efficiently as possible, it is essential to keep the customer well-informed, while also making it easy for them to send any missing, or replace any erroneous, supporting documentation. Our solutions can help you increase the amount of information you can collect, lower your mailing costs and speed up the processing of business transactions in your call centres.

It is a matter of anticipating errors by sending easily understandable information to the customer through a system of automated and personalised campaigns and by simplifying access to this information through the most suitable channel for your different sales paths. After examining your requirements together our turnkey solutions will help you achieve your targets.

of those polled said that moving to digital systems is their priority requirement in terms of customer experience.
of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes, compared to 20% for an email.
of the motivation to purchase is linked to the speed of the path to purchase.

What we do...

Opportunity puts its expertise at your disposal in the search for solutions to help you collect data more quickly, to deal more effectively with alerts, and to simplify the contract process for your transactions.

With our Easy Collect solution you can automate the collection of documents, securely and in real time, by sending out customised, automated and cross-platform messages.
Simplify and digitise your path to purchase with our innovative VideoSign and RecordSign solutions, which can be used to create legally binding electronic signatures.
Check your fraud alerts in real time, without involving your call centre staff, with our Card Protect solution.

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