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Customer experience, the keys to success

How can you optimise the various points of contact with your customers ?

Delivering a good customer experience must be at the heart of a company’s marketing and sales strategy. This has become a strategic issue essential to expanding a company’s market share, to attract new customers and to retain them. Simply responding to customer requests is no longer enough. Brands must offer their contacts a proactive and interactive Customer Experience. To eliminate the “pain points” in your customers’ path to purchase and to retain their loyalty, the installation of digital, interactive and engaging systems is a necessary first step in improving the customer service system already in place.

The behaviour of customers or prospective customers is changing. They are using a variety of different channels through which they can interact, simultaneously or sequentially, with the company (email, SMS, Web, telephone, physical Point of Sale, social networks etc.) on their purchasing path and in the ongoing relationship that they maintain with their suppliers. They do so mainly for reasons of practicality, ease and simplicity.

Taking all this information into account, Opportunity has developed digital and personalised solutions to assist you in creating your multi-channel customer experience strategies.

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of the customer experience is based on how well the customer felt they were being treated.
Companies with excellent customer support make 18% more sales.
of customers share their negative experiences on social media.

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Opportunity’s Customer Experience Department, which is made up of employees from the world of customer relations and marketing, are at hand to train and support you, and to help you put this training into practise.

Support for reviewing and redesigning the customer path to purchase.
Measure your customer satisfaction with solutions such as Survey Design.
Continuously review your strategy by setting up steering and strategy committees.

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