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Self-resolution solutions for Customer Risk Management

Recover debts quickly and cheaply

Reducing the volume of unpaid bills and minimising risk is an important issue for the economic well-being of your business.

It is essential to detect any delay in payment quickly and to use interactive systems to quickly and amicably put your customers back in the black. Minimising risk, reducing average payment time, optimising processes and promoting self-resolution, are all things that make a lot of sense at Opportunity.

So, Opportunity offers you automated, digitised and personalised strategies to add to your paths to purchase, while preserving your brand’s excellent customer experience. In this way, you can maintain a relationship of trust at this key moment in your relationship with the customer.

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What we do...

The recovery of outstanding debts has been ingrained in Opportunity’s DNA through their close collaboration with the banking sector for over more than 10 years. Our employees will advise you and help you deal with these risks in an appropriate way, without compromising your relationship with the customer.
Reduce late payments and debt recovery costs by sending out automatic reminders.
Maximise the settlement rate of outstanding payments by carrying out sophisticated and personalised contact campaigns.
Give your consultants back their status as expert consultants by reducing the number of low value outbound calls by implementing self-resolution processes.

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